Our youth have the innate abilities to accomplish great things in life, yet persisting achievement gaps, lack of guidance and hardships may deter them from reaching their full potential. Since 2004, the GZL Educational Foundation, Inc. (GZL) has worked relentlessly to ensure that our youth are educated, prepared and mentored to achieve successes in all realms of their lives.

The GZL Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing education and training services consistent with charitable educational and economic purposes that will serve to improve the quality of life and living conditions for Floridians. Since 2004, we’ve raised thousands of dollars in scholarships, grants, stipends and academic and other awards, in addition to facilitating the various workshops, college tours and other MOT activities.

Our mission is to uplift humanity by providing opportunity through education, community development, and social awareness.

We are doctors, lawyers, active duty and retired military, bankers, educators, sales professionals, accountants, retail managers…we are prominent members of this community making a difference to help our youth get on the path of success; but we can use your help. Join us in the crusade to create promising paths for our young men. A path to college. A path to a career. A path to a productive life.

*The GZL Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization supported by community, corporate and individual contributions.

Defying The Odds Against Our Youth. Help Make It Possible.

Quick Facts

Disadvantaged Neighborhoods

More than three-fourths of Black children born between 1985 and 2000 grew up in “high disadvantage” neighborhoods, characterized by high levels of unemployment, welfare, poverty and single-parent families.

Source: Patrick Sharkey, Neighborhoods and the Black-White Mobility Gap, Pew Charitable Trusts, 2009.

High School Dropout Rate

In many large urban districts, more than half of Black males drop out of high school.

Source: Yes We Can: The Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males, Schott Foundation for Public Education, 2010.

School Suspension and Expulsion

50 percent of Black males in grades 6 to 12 have been suspended, 17 percent of Black males have been expelled.

Source: Aud, Fox, and Kewal Ramani, 2010

Grade Retention

25 percent of Black males repeated a grade in school, compared to 11 percent of White males.

Source: Aud, Fox, and Kewal Ramani, 2010