• MOT Workshop 9.9.23 – “Goals Setting and Time Management”
  • 56 MOTs Present / 22 Bruhs Present / 12 parents reached out to share absence
    • Welcome given by Bro. Pres. Jason Grundy
    • Presentation given by Bro. Dr. Dywayne Hinds, Sr on Goals Setting and Time Management
    • Presentation given by Bro. Rev. John Carter on Black History
    • Presentation given by Bro. Charles Houston on Civic Engagement
    • Gift cards were presented at the end of the workshop
  • MOT Sphinx Boys 9.11.23
    • Bro. Trevor Solomon is the leader for this initiative
    • 8 young men were present
  • MOT Tutoring Program 9.11.23
    • Ms. Wanda Bowers and Bro. Maurice Taylor served as tutors
    • 3 seniors joined for SAT Prep / 1 Soph joined for math assistance / 1 6th grader joined for reading support
    • The next tutoring date will be on 9.14
    • We need additional tutors to assist


  • MOT Field Trip 9.23.23 – Bowling
    • Brandon Crossroads Bowl
    • Only the MOTs who participate in the workshop or our check-in will be allowed to participate
    • We will be reserving 12-15 lanes
    • Time: 12 – 2:30 PM


  • Continued support at workshops and field trips
  • Incentives (gift cards, t-shirts, lanyards, etc)
  • Sponsorship (Please reach out to Bro. Chris Collins to you would like to donate or if you know groups that may sponsor us)
  • Grant Opportunities (Please reach out to Bro. Ben Walker or Bro. Alphonse Stewart if you see grants that we may qualify for)