Turning The Gaps For Our Youth Into Bridges – You Can Make It Possible!

By becoming a partner, you fuel the heart of our mission which is to educate, prepare and mentor young men which provides pillars to promising paths. With this critical support, we can help our youth overcome obstacles stacked against them and motivate leaders of today and tomorrow.

Our corporate and community partners provide vital support to fund our programs, annual events and individual scholarship awards. Whether your company is looking for engaging audiences in targeted markets, launching a cause marketing opportunity or demonstrating your dedication to the GZL Educational Foundation in a significant fashion, GZL offers multiple opportunities to grow your brand presence.

We strive to meet the needs of our corporate/community partners in a variety of ways. The benefits of being a corporate/community partner may include but are not limited to:

    1. Event Branding Opportunities
    1. Digital Marketing Opportunities
    1. Co-branding and joint marketing campaigns and initiatives
    1. Brand Recognition via Social Media Outlets
    1. Brand Recognition via Email Newsletters
    1. Series of private of releases of GZL Foundation updates and milestones.
    1. Complimentary Event Ticket(s)

Over time, more benefits accrue. These include seeing the young men grow into young adults and advancing to new statures in their lives—whether graduating from high school, or college, they were empowered to achieve by means of your support.

For more information, please download our Partnership Prospectus to learn more about our programs, how to get involved, and how GZL and your organization may become partners to create promising paths for our youth. A path to college. A path to a career. A path to a productive life.

Thanks to You, It’s Possible!




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